Tips to Prepare a Puppy Party

puppy party

If the kids just got a new puppy or discovered a cute little puppy, chances are you need to throw a puppy-themed party for this big holiday event. As mommy snippets site has mentioned, throwing a puppy party for kids is not hard. It does not even cost much money if you can manage and shop for puppy party in advance.  

pupy partyIf you want to plan a puppy party for kids, it is best to have it in the summer. This way, you can encourage guests to bring their dogs to enjoy the party together. Of course, this means you’ll want to let your guests know and ensure that their dogs can get along with the other dogs. Also, ask everyone to RSVP with the number of dogs they’ll be bringing. Feel free to prepare for a large number of dogs.

Puppy Party Supplies

As for all parties, you have to prepare party supplies that everyone needs. In this case, it would be loveable to have the mugs, plates, cups, and tablecloths with the big dog face on the front. If you want, you can even have the dogs served on these paper plates at the party. In fact, it will make cleaning up easier.

Puppy Party Games

puppy partyBesides the party supplies, preparing puppy party games between the dogs and owner would be a great idea. There are many games you can play, such as the dog walking race. The dog will play together in pairs with the owner with a quick dash in the finish line. You can focus some attention by having a pretend “dog poop” that the owners have to pick up with a bag and then bring back to the starting point.

Another game is playtime for a puppy’s usual action. People have known that dogs love to dig and play fetch. Some suggestions for activities and games can include games like playing fetch like Twizzlers or burying a bone in a large box with something easy to fetch, like marshmallows. A favorite game for all children is playing hide and seek. Hiding a big bone (or a stuffed creature like Garfield) and finding it with the kids is usually pretty fun.

Puppy Party Food

Food is also a crucial thing to prepare for puppy party food. It would be interesting to prepare foods with a bone or even a kitten shape. When it’s time to eat cake, it’s always fun to eat from a bowl like a puppy.

Puppy Party Favors 

Some simple party favors to sprinkle can be pretty much anything on the puppy theme. Hand out dog treats and whistles are one of a kind. However, people’s snacks, colored pens, pencils, stickers, and even temporary tattoos for your kids would be great for the party favors.

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