Most Unique Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Friends

Gift Ideas for a Foodie

We all have at least one person in our lives who is obsessed with meals, looking for the next great culinary strategy, or focusing on making delicious dishes with unique ingredients. Food lovers know their stuff, from kitchen equipment to tasty and effortless dinner recipes, and it can also be hard to find something they don’t already have. We’ve rounded up the gift ideas for foodies or kitchen lovers, whether it’s a gadget, a great stocking stuffer, or something delicious they can incorporate into their everyday cooking. Look no further to find thoughtful gifts to pamper your friends and loved ones.

Gift Ideas for a Foodie

Spice and Coffee Grinder

The ideal component to waking up is the smell (and the noise!) You’ll also find great hand grinders, but if your friend is in a hurry for their morning cup of coffee, this little guy will grind their beans in under 10 minutes. And it’s not just limited to coffee beans – the blades also handle spices, dried fruit, nuts, and more.

Pasta Machine

The next one on the list is a pasta machine. With this machine, your foodie friend can enhance their skills in making pasta. It is because nothing better in this world than fresh pasta. So to ease in the pasta-making process, this machine is helpful. Although many people say that using your own hands will make better pasta, using a pasta machine can help beginners master the pasta-making process a lot faster.


No doubt you know someone who always pays more for guacamole, constantly buys avocados at the grocery store (possibly bread too, because #avocadotoast), and keeps talking about “healthy fats” This person should not be making their guacamole in a bowl. In some areas, people will try to offer you concrete “molcajetes“. These are not real molcajetes. If your friend loves to make a beautiful and delicious guacamole every morning, this item is for her.

Sous Vide

Most of us know someone who is a bit experimental in the kitchen, doesn’t copy recipes, loves bubbles and molecular gastronomy, and always wants to try the latest and greatest culinary gadget. So your second gadget has to be this sous vide. By pairing it with your phone and gently heating any protein in a vacuum in water, this gadget will always provide any consumer with beef, poultry, fish, and whatever the heart, well, belly, needs. Oh, and while you’re at it, you might as well give them a lab coat to wear while using the gadget.

Beautiful Apron

“Dress for the job you have to do,” they say. So have your friend wear this durable handmade apron you got, and here’s what he’ll look like: a chef who knows exactly what he’s doing and looks super cool doing it. It also includes many handy pockets for each of the super cool tools they’ll get from this ad.


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