Understanding the natal birth chart


The natal birth chart provides a guide to the type of person that you are. It is based on the time when you were born. According to astrology, the time you were born has a great effect on your personality. The time you were born is aligned with specific planets, and the planet in your chart can determine the type of person that you will be. Most of the people tend to look at astrology sign signs when they want to know personality. However, zodiac signs are wide, and they don’t offer specific information about a person. The natal birth chart offers more specific details on personality.

Natal birth chart

What is a sun sign?

A sun sign is purely your personality. It is how you behave when you are not trying to impress or under any pressure. It is just the type of person you are. When you look at a person’s sun sign, you might be able to point out some various aspects about them. However, sometimes the sun sign might not give you the specific personality because people might have the same sun sign but different natal birth charts. Sun sign is always based on the month that you were born.


What is a moon sign?

A moon sign in your natal birth chart represents your morals and the part of you that is only known by few people. The morals in your natal birth chart might be known only by your close family and friends because you rarely give this side to strangers. For you to know someone’s personality fully, you must know their moon sign apart from the sun sign. The sun sign might be general, but the moon sign gives you fine details on the character and morals of someone.


Ascendant sign

The ascendant sign in the natal birth chart is quite interesting. Using the Ascendant sign to make a judgment on someone’s personality can be quite misleading. The ascendant sign is a mask that is used to cover the true personality of someone. Most of the time, the ascendant sign determines the impressions of someone. For instance, your ascendant sign will determine how you will behave once you meet strangers for the first time while concealing your true sun and moon sign. Sometimes whatever you see at first impression might not be the true personality of someone.