Common Causes Of Auto Accidents


According to recent studies across the world, the main cause of vehicle accidents is not a pothole, not an icy road, nor a drunk driver, but you. For instance, you are driving and at the same time doing something else, or not paying attention to driving.

police on roadThe truth about causes of accidents, the main impetus is a distraction. For instance, a distracted driver is one who momentarily diverts his or her attention to do something else like sending a text message, calling someone on the phone, or even eating. As much as a car feels like a sanctuary to you, it weighs high than a ton and can become a battering ram, which can kill easily like getting you across the town. If you fail to pay attention to the car, the consequences can be disastrous. Remember that you are not only risking your life but those of others.

Causes of accidents

Other than a distraction, the following are other common causes of car accidents as said by a reputable auto crash attorney. Warning: do not read them as you drive!


It does not matter whether you are paying attention, the experience of the driver determines the skill level. For instance, watching car racing on television does not make you an expert. Thus, whenever you exceed the speed limit, you have exceeded your skill level and even the training you had. Also, there are physics of speed that can make it an impossibility to keep your vehicle on the road. In fact, even professional drivers can find a point where they cannot stay on the road. Even if you are a professional, you need to slow down.

Reckless driving

If this term is foreign to you, then there is a likelihood that you are an offender. These are people who do not have regard to others. Other than speed, others included in this category are drivers that change lanes very quickly, impatient drivers, tailgaters, and so on. Remember that you are not the only person on the road. Thus, do not drive as the only person.

Weather concerns

Whenever weather turns ugly, car accidents occur. This is because water can create slick surfaces that lead to skidding, which in turn leads to crashes. Also, there is ice and snow.

Drunk driving

Whenever a person drinks, he or she is impaired. Other than losing ability to react to certain situations, you are likely to lose your judgment. Driving under the influence is hazardous.

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